We have a technical office where we make group designs, sets, blocks, etc. Using advanced design tools we perform drawings and diagrams of our products for further manufacture.


In our workshop, we have years of experience in the manufacture of groups, cylinders, blocks, prefill valves, etc.


We supply leading brands in hydraulics: Danfoss, Parker, Argo HYTOS, Berarma, Turolla, etc.

Technical support

We provide technical advice to any questions and offer quality solutions. Our technicians are in your service to answer any technical questions.

Pump repair

We have a maintenance service and repair for pumps and hydraulic motors. Our technical service has the needed tools to repair pumps of all our suppliers (Parker, Danfoss, Berarma, Turolla, etc.).

Oil particles analysis and filtering

We have the necessary technology provided by Argo-HYTOS to analyze and filter oil.

Repair and charge of accumulators

We carry out repairs of accumulators and we also provide a service of charging them to the desired pressure by the customer.

Spare parts

We have all kinds of spare parts

Gaskets, pistons,
filter cartridges, etc.