Equibertma, specialist in industrial hydraulics with over 50 anys of experience, designs, manufactures, and markets hydraulic advisory material.
The base for this is a wide range of products that allows us to adapt to the needs of our customers. In Equibertma we have specialized to help even more.

From our plant in Barcelona we design, manufacture and market leading brands, leaders in Europe and worldwide. Our principals (Danfoss, Parker, Argo-HYTOS, Berarma, Turolla, ...) speak for themselves, they are all internationally renowned firms.

We are experts in industrial filtration filtration in both design and dirt control through oil analyzers and independent units.

Hard work, creativity, perseverance, determination and a desire to remain, are part of the values that each of us does and allows EQUIBERTMA further progress and reach their current position in the market. This is the result of hard teamwork. A great team.

Equibertma establishes a close relationship with its customers, evolving to meet their needs that are increasingly demanding. This means stay always ahead of events. Our facilities offer a high standard of quality, creativity and service. Equibertma today is looking to the future.